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Merry Christmas From Our Family To Yours

Why Jeff is your jeweler – A Christmas letter to the customer from the Kohl’s Diamond Gallery social media team

Dear Customer,

When you talk to Jeff Kohl, owner-operator of Kohl’s Diamond Gallery on Seminary Street, it’s obvious within the first few seconds that this work is his labor of love. He’ll take you in, get to know you, help you find exactly what you’re looking for, and by the time you leave, you’ll have a million reasons why you can’t stop smiling and can’t wait to come back. That’s because Jeff is more than just a business-owner, he’s a family man. Welcome to the family.

This Guy Right Here

Whether you’re a regular or a once-a-year customer, this is the time when Jeff especially loves to reconnect with you. If he can help you make the season brighter for your loved ones, he will walk with you through the process of discovering exactly what you’re looking for. Ask him about diamonds – talking with you is his favorite part of the job.

However, jewelry isn’t the only thing on Jeff’s mind during the holiday season. Ask him about the traditional holiday toy drive and catch his infectious excitement. Every year on Black Friday, he hurries out to snag cartloads of toys to donate to children in the Galesburg community and encourages you to do the same, offering discounts to anyone who donates to the toy drive.

We’re not kidding! Look at that pile of toys!!!

When asked what makes Kohl’s Diamond Gallery so special, without missing a beat, his first answer is the staff. A close team of local professionals, Jeff considers them family. He loves everybody that works with him, through the good times and the difficult ones, and will easily admit how proud he is to be working with them.

The Team

The second answer he’ll give you is that, in his words, “I’ll sell it to you for a better price and I’ll take care of ya’!” Jeff’s position as an independent jewelry seller results in a unique experience for you, the customer: due to his ability to handpick each diamond and precious gem he adds to his inventory, he can price his merchandise to meet the needs and wallets of his Galesburg (and visiting) customers, giving you the absolute best deal on the highest quality jewelry. This, coupled with the personalized customer service you’ll receive from him and everyone on our sales team, makes shopping at Kohl’s Diamond Gallery more than just shopping for jewelry. Shopping here adds you to Jeff’s personal list of people he cares about. Like we said, Jeff is a family man. He wants to take care of you and bring joy to your holiday season.

A family accepts you as you are, reminds you not to take yourself so seriously, and most importantly makes you feel at home and loved. If you’re wondering how a jewelry store can become family, I dare you to walk into Kohl’s Diamond Gallery and ask for Jeff.

Now here’s our ask: If Jeff has ever helped you find just the right gift for a loved one, or has ever taken care of you and made you feel appreciated for your business, we ask that you visit him for a special holiday deal: spend $100 or more and be entered into a drawing to win a free custom-made piece, up to an $1000 value. There will be (1) winner for every 10 customers who participate in the event. Winners will be randomly selected via a Facebook Live drawing video on Tuesday January 2nd at 12:00 noon. Comment the promo code THANKS-JEFF to be entered if you buy online, or mention it in store when you make your purchase! 

Jeff didn’t ask us to do this. But we from the social media team have been so well taken care of by this guy, and have witnessed first-hand his powerful, loving impact on the Galesburg community, that we wanted to reach out to you, the valued customers, the life-blood of this entire operation, and invite you to show him your appreciation for his work.

From the Social Media Team here at Kohl’s Diamond Gallery, and from the entire staff, we wish you and yours a bright and beautiful holiday and a Happy New Year!

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